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Some of The World’s Best Art Festivals

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Attending an Art festival can be one of the most memorable experiences for anyone and that is why it may be a good idea to learn more on this issue. Indeed there are several festivals that take place around the world, however, if you wish to really enjoy yourself, you should go for the ones that are considered as the world’s best Art festivals. Here are just some of the events that you should seriously think about attending.

Top Art Festivals in The World

venice biennial artThe Venice Biennial; this is one of the most loved art festivals in the world today. The festival was started a very long time ago and has over the years attracted a lot of participants. It is believed that this festival plays host to over three hundred thousand visitors every time it is held. The event is usually very colorful and offers everyone in attendance a chance to learn new things and meet new people.

basel switzerlandArt Basel Switzerland; as the name suggests, the event is normally held in Switzerland although there is a sister festival that takes place in the city of Miami. The Switzerland festival was started in 1970 and has over the years become one of the most attractive events in the art industry. So many great talents take their time and resources to ensure that the event remains one of the most memorable. By visiting this festival, you will get to interact with so many people from around the world.

frieze art fairThe Frieze Art Fair; this event is normally held in October of every year in the City of London. The event normally features artists that are alive and that is why each year you can expect to find new and innovative works on display. The event is basically aimed at promoting artists that are still alive although works of artists that have since passed on may also feature.


biennale of sydneyThe Biennale of Sydney; this is Australia’s biggest festival with regards to contemporary visual arts. The event is normally held in the city of Sydney where several artists showcase their talent. People from around the world attend the event because of the innovative and breathtaking displays that are normally showcased.

More Information on The World’s Best Art Festivals

The above mentioned are just a couple of the most loved Art Festivals in the world today. In order for you to learn more about these and many other festivals, simply use the Internet because the organizers of the events normally share more details through it.

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