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National Arts Programs for Kids

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Arts programs for kids, may it be in an academic environment, after-school, or other extra-curricular type lesson or group activity strengthen a child’s imagination, creativity, and strengthen, as well as aid in the development of a multitude of motor-skills.

For children of all ages, including those with disabilities, Arts & Crafts activities exercise the ability to express one’s self, regardless of age, mental illness, or physical disability. Arts programs have been implemented and consistently followed, redeveloped, strengthened, and immersed in a variety of environments, including the internet (think Cyberschools), yet of course maintain its primal popularity via physical, or brick and mortar environments.

Let’s review some of the most popular, American Arts & Crafts programs and why they’re effective, make sense, and offer children of all ages a brighter future!

Young Rembrandts

simple drawing of Zoo from a kid

The Young Rembrandts Arts & Crafts program is a prime example of a multi-age faceted program designed to re-explore creativity, imagination, and reinforce the conceptual methods as well as information, lessons, and learnings of various academic materials through the exploration of arts and crafts activities.

Using their step-by-step, multi-sensory approach, children of all ages, backgrounds, disabilities, and upbringings can enjoy arts and crafts, expressing themselves through imagination and art, and all the while gaining new academic-based knowledge perhaps relevant from a broad array of topics ranging from homework all the way to science assignments!

With both preschool and elementary programs, children are encouraged to explore and make sense of their adventures, school lessons, and furthering creativity which is reinforced with humor, fun lessons, interactions between themselves, and of course teachers and parents!

MICA Arts Development Program

Accessing the Party Illustration in Mica Arts


MICA is an internationally active and recognized creative arts program geared towards children all the way up to high-school students for arts activities and creativity, directed towards preparation for a professional art career—if desired—and what it takes to create an adequate portfolio to get into an art-based university level program or degree program.

MICA starts with building confidence and skills through their Young People’s Studio focuses on grades 1 through 8 and offers both weekend and daily classes to corresponding schools, or for families seeking this extra-curricular activity and developmental set of courses should they be appropriately located in the honored geographic areas.

The next courses and levels consist of Preparation (High School Level), and then lastly end with summer courses and classes, also known as the “Pre-College” Phase.

John Cabot’s Arts Abroad Program

art history at John Cabot University

We wanted to bring to your attention a very accredited, recognized, and efficient program that has been implemented for quite some time, between John Cabot University, a headquarters in Rome, Italy, and the opportunity for young students to experience both immersion in a foreign country, as well as the opportunity to acquire the adequate skills, creativity, and professionalism necessary to have a fair-shot at making it into one of the university’s many accredited programs, recognized by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

While it might be a pricy-flight and ordeal, opportunities for scholarships, grants, and other forms of payment are indeed acceptable, and extended to young high-school students seeking to broaden their horizons and future in the field and professionalism of Arts.

Along with the Italian Ministry of Education young students have the opportunity to receive overseas credits in the form of both foreign, as well as local college credits—further strengthening their Resume, or ‘total application’ to competing universities in the future. In comparison to other free, weekend, or government run Arts programs this is definitely at the top of the list for any young students interested in potentially acquiring the necessary means, education, and experience to be successful in their future Arts ca

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