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9 Cool Backyard Art Projects For Kids

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There are many hours of arts and crafts fun available in your own backyard – literally. Here are a few projects for the backyard which the kids will love, and which won’t break your budget.

Acrylic Skins Make Creative Canvases

It’s easier than you think to make acrylic skins. Just cover a baking parchment sheet with acrylic paint, and wait for it to dry. Then the acrylic skin can be peeled away from the paper and – Voila! – you have gorgeous sheets of stretchy acrylic.

You can decorate the larger sheets and use them to make colorful book covers, or even use them as your canvas for amazing paintings or collages. Then, cut up the smaller skins to fashion mosaics and eye-catching jewelry.

Make a Giant Mixed Media Board

Mixed media boards, with a fantastic combination of stones, beads, and mini signs glued together for a 3-D masterpiece, have been used by many famous artists, including Picasso.

The sky is the limit, as you add toys, dolls, magazine pages, stamps, stencils, and half the contents of your junk drawer. To make it more challenging, decide on a theme for your media board, and attach items that tell a story.

Hang a Colorful Polyhedron in the Wind

A polyhedron is just a multi-sided figure, and there are many types you can make with construction paper, glue, and a creative eye. Cut out about 30 strips of different colored paper, and configure them into round, triangular or free-form shapes.

For older kids, hide the glue and let them use paper-folding skills to fasten the strips. When you’re done, hang the handmade polyhedron, and watch it dance in the wind. The more colors you use, the better.


Splatter Painting for Messy Fun

The art of splatter painting is perfectly suited for backyard fun because it keeps the mess outside. You might as well go “big” with a large bedsheet as your blank canvas, and spread it out on the ground.

Dip your spoon, spatula, or brush into the paint and go wild. Flick your wrist, twirl your brush, and let the paint splatter where it may. See what happens to the paint patterns when you move away from the sheet.

Use an Old Bicycle for Amazing Spin Art

Do you remember squeezing paint from plastic ketchup holders onto a spinning card,for example, at a county fair or midway? Your backyard version requires a bicycle, a sheet and a few squeeze-bottles of brightly colored paint.

Neon is the perfect shade for this project. Lay a clean sheet of white paper or cardboard over the sheet, then place the bicycle flat on the ground, with its front wheel above your white canvas.

Spin the tire with your hand, and squirt paint onto your canvas. As the paint passes through the spinning wire spokes, it sprays a mesmerizing pattern that will truly amaze the little ones. Note how different the piece looks when you speed up the wheel.

(NOTE: washable water-based paints only for this project.)

Erupting Sidewalk Chalk

To make erupting sidewalk chalk paint, simply mix equal parts of water, cornstarch, and baking soda. You’ll need a good amount of watercolor paint to offset the white baking soda. Pour the concoction into squeeze bottles, and let the fun begin!

Kids love squirting the chalk paint onto solid ground or stones, and watching it dry to a smooth and soft finish – after it erupts and fizzes! Even toddlers can get in on this project.

cyanotype or sun printing

Make Sun Print Cards With Mother Nature

This is actually an age-old photography style called cyanotype printing. After mixing up the special solution (or buying sun print sheets), find a few interesting flat-shaped objects from your backyard.

Flat leaves work well, as does any foliage with a lot of detail, to give you a crisp sun print. Place the leaves on cards, cover them with pieces of glass, and set them in direct sunlight for 20 minutes.

Following the sun exposure, wash the cards under running water for several minutes. Your beautiful sun-kissed print will develop before your eyes, like an old Polaroid picture.

Rainbow Stick Wind Chimes

This project combines woodworking elements with arts and crafts, and will entertain the older kids for hours. First, collect a number of sticks and break them into pieces measuring 8″ – 10″ each. Then, paint them with acrylic paints in a rainbow of different colors, using two coats and a sealer.

When dry, insert small screw-eyes in the ends by twisting them in. Finally, string them about one inch apart on a crossbar with string or twine. You can admire your handmade rainbow wind chimes all season long.

Ice Bubbles to Decorate Your Yard

This next activity is a wondrous combination of science and art, but it’s only for cold climates. When the temperatures dips below freezing, head for the backyard with some warm clothes and a bottle of bubble mix. With some practice, you’ll be able to blow bubbles that freeze instantly, frozen in time and shape.

Be forewarned that these ice bubbles will be as fragile as they are beautiful, but even when they shatter, the pieces are crystal-like and colorful. What do you think will happen if you carefully carry one of the ice bubbles indoors? Try it and see!

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National Arts Programs for Kids

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Arts programs for kids, may it be in an academic environment, after-school, or other extra-curricular type lesson or group activity strengthen a child’s imagination, creativity, and strengthen, as well as aid in the development of a multitude of motor-skills.

For children of all ages, including those with disabilities, Arts & Crafts activities exercise the ability to express one’s self, regardless of age, mental illness, or physical disability. Arts programs have been implemented and consistently followed, redeveloped, strengthened, and immersed in a variety of environments, including the internet (think Cyberschools), yet of course maintain its primal popularity via physical, or brick and mortar environments.

Let’s review some of the most popular, American Arts & Crafts programs and why they’re effective, make sense, and offer children of all ages a brighter future!

Young Rembrandts

simple drawing of Zoo from a kid

The Young Rembrandts Arts & Crafts program is a prime example of a multi-age faceted program designed to re-explore creativity, imagination, and reinforce the conceptual methods as well as information, lessons, and learnings of various academic materials through the exploration of arts and crafts activities.

Using their step-by-step, multi-sensory approach, children of all ages, backgrounds, disabilities, and upbringings can enjoy arts and crafts, expressing themselves through imagination and art, and all the while gaining new academic-based knowledge perhaps relevant from a broad array of topics ranging from homework all the way to science assignments!

With both preschool and elementary programs, children are encouraged to explore and make sense of their adventures, school lessons, and furthering creativity which is reinforced with humor, fun lessons, interactions between themselves, and of course teachers and parents!

MICA Arts Development Program

Accessing the Party Illustration in Mica Arts


MICA is an internationally active and recognized creative arts program geared towards children all the way up to high-school students for arts activities and creativity, directed towards preparation for a professional art career—if desired—and what it takes to create an adequate portfolio to get into an art-based university level program or degree program.

MICA starts with building confidence and skills through their Young People’s Studio focuses on grades 1 through 8 and offers both weekend and daily classes to corresponding schools, or for families seeking this extra-curricular activity and developmental set of courses should they be appropriately located in the honored geographic areas.

The next courses and levels consist of Preparation (High School Level), and then lastly end with summer courses and classes, also known as the “Pre-College” Phase.

John Cabot’s Arts Abroad Program

art history at John Cabot University

We wanted to bring to your attention a very accredited, recognized, and efficient program that has been implemented for quite some time, between John Cabot University, a headquarters in Rome, Italy, and the opportunity for young students to experience both immersion in a foreign country, as well as the opportunity to acquire the adequate skills, creativity, and professionalism necessary to have a fair-shot at making it into one of the university’s many accredited programs, recognized by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

While it might be a pricy-flight and ordeal, opportunities for scholarships, grants, and other forms of payment are indeed acceptable, and extended to young high-school students seeking to broaden their horizons and future in the field and professionalism of Arts.

Along with the Italian Ministry of Education young students have the opportunity to receive overseas credits in the form of both foreign, as well as local college credits—further strengthening their Resume, or ‘total application’ to competing universities in the future. In comparison to other free, weekend, or government run Arts programs this is definitely at the top of the list for any young students interested in potentially acquiring the necessary means, education, and experience to be successful in their future Arts ca

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Seniors Art Classes – A Great Way to Meet New People

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senior-art-classesDuring your golden years you want to be happy. You may miss the companionship of the opposite sex. One of the best ways to meet someone is by pursuing your interest. Whether you are interested in art, cycling, bridge, or traveling, taking a class is an excellent way to make new friends of either sex. Seniors today are some of the most active people in the community.

Seniors art classes allow one to explore their artistic talent. Maybe you worked your way up the corporate latter and never had the opportunity to explore your artistic side. You never know, you may have a natural talent for art.

Many seniors love to paint. Painting is an excellent outlet for personal expression. Plus it allows one to be introspective and put your life story on canvas. Painting classes are a great way to share yourself and your life story with others.

A Great Way to Meet New Friends

Art classes are an outstanding way to meet new people. They provide a relaxed atmosphere and there is no pressure. Some people go to dating events for seniors, but that puts added pressure on you which you don’t need. The advantage of an art class is that you can spend your time doing something you enjoy while making new friends. Plus these classes offer a common starting ground for developing a relationship.

Another advantage of senior art classes is that they are affordable. This is great, since they will fit into any budget. You don’t need to be rich to attended classes at your local senior center.

Art classes for seniors also improve the mental health of elderly. Meeting other people makes them happier and seniors that take classes are less likely to become depressed. Active seniors tend to live longer and have better health.

Seniors who are feeling lonely at home need to get out and become active in the community. Most community centers offer classes for seniors. An art class is an excellent choice, but there are also yoga classes, exercise classes, photography classes, and writing classes. No matter your interest, there is a class for you.

Don’t wait any longer to sign up for an art class, since you will be glad you did. Before you know it, you will be meeting your new friends for coffee and tea on the weekends or having them over for dinner. You may even meet that special someone to enjoy your golden years with.

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Top Female Artists from Around the World

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Even though the world of art continues to be greatly populated by male artists, women are rising in the ranks of notable creators. In 1993, Rachel Whitehead became the first woman to win the Tate Gallery’s Turner Prize.

Since then, more women have gained notice both in the world of art sales and in the competitions for the major prizes awarded to artists.

Outstanding work has been produced in many forms: painting, installations, sculpture. The following five women can be considered among the top female artists from around the world.

Valerie Favre1. Valérie Favre is a Swiss born painter who is based in Berlin, Germany. She moved to Berlin after several years of working in Paris. She began her career as a theatre set artist, an experience that has continued to have an effect on her work.

She looks to bring feeling into the forms of her works. Her “Lapine” series of painting exhibits energy and a determined feminist outlook, beginning with the word-play (in French) of the title of the series: “lapine” being the word for rabbit, but also as “la pine,” it references the paintbrush as a female penis.

In the works of the series, feminine figures with long rabbit ears display great energy and defiance of constriction. In 2012 she was nominated for the Marcel Duchamp Prize.

art work by - yayoi kusama of japan2. In 2008, Yayoi Kusama of Japan set a record for the sale of the work of a living female artist when Christies New York auctioned one of her works for $5.1 million.

Her conceptual art envelops attributes as diverse as minimalism, surrealism, and pop culture. Her work has encompassed painting, collage, sculpture, environmental installations, and performance art.

Afflicted by hallucinations as a child, this incredible Japanese woman’s work has a reach that stretches the viewer’s imagination and has managed to reach a global audience.

The motif of polka dots runs through her work, representing her view of herself as “a dot lost in a million other dots.” In spite of her feeling of being lost, her work is found by quite a large audience.

Tomma Abts3. German-born abstract artist Tomma Abts brings a complex approach to her work. None of her paintings are representational, but neither are they simple. Working in acrylic and oil, Abts layers her complex shapes, weaving them together on the canvas.

Her abstractions dance on the edge of familiarity, evoking the ghost of representational images without quite allowing a final definition. This intricate play of shape and color holds the viewer’s attention. In 2006, her work won the Turner Prize.

Angela dela Cruz4. Angela de la Cruz of Spain pushes her work beyond the customary perceptions of dimension. While still a student, she was struck by the appearance of a canvas which had part of the frame removed.

The unexpected encounter of what had been a two dimensional representation now seen as a three dimensional object changed her approach to art.

Her paintings and sculptures create installations the viewer encounters in a physical way. No longer flat objects easily passed, her works demand attention—and they get it. She was nominated for the Turner prize in 2010. She currently lives and works in London.

Tatiana Trouve5. Tatiana Trouvé brings an architectural thinking to her sculptures, drawings and installations. She was born in Cosenza, Italy, but is now based in Paris.

She works in a large scale, creating room-sized installations. She uses materials with an industrial feel to them, piping, cement, concrete and other such substances.

Yet, a playfulness lurks in her pieces, tantalizing the viewer into imagining that something is about to happen. In a 2009 interview, she said, “Time is the theme underlying all my work.”

When viewed, her pieces convey the use of space as a way of examining our experience of time. In 2001, she won the Paul Ricard Prize and in 2007, the Marcel Duchamp Prize.

Each of these women has built a remarkable body of work. They embody the boldness of the creative spirit, challenging viewers with new perspectives on the world around them.

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Some of The World’s Best Art Festivals

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Attending an Art festival can be one of the most memorable experiences for anyone and that is why it may be a good idea to learn more on this issue. Indeed there are several festivals that take place around the world, however, if you wish to really enjoy yourself, you should go for the ones that are considered as the world’s best Art festivals. Here are just some of the events that you should seriously think about attending.

Top Art Festivals in The World

venice biennial artThe Venice Biennial; this is one of the most loved art festivals in the world today. The festival was started a very long time ago and has over the years attracted a lot of participants. It is believed that this festival plays host to over three hundred thousand visitors every time it is held. The event is usually very colorful and offers everyone in attendance a chance to learn new things and meet new people.

basel switzerlandArt Basel Switzerland; as the name suggests, the event is normally held in Switzerland although there is a sister festival that takes place in the city of Miami. The Switzerland festival was started in 1970 and has over the years become one of the most attractive events in the art industry. So many great talents take their time and resources to ensure that the event remains one of the most memorable. By visiting this festival, you will get to interact with so many people from around the world.

frieze art fairThe Frieze Art Fair; this event is normally held in October of every year in the City of London. The event normally features artists that are alive and that is why each year you can expect to find new and innovative works on display. The event is basically aimed at promoting artists that are still alive although works of artists that have since passed on may also feature.


biennale of sydneyThe Biennale of Sydney; this is Australia’s biggest festival with regards to contemporary visual arts. The event is normally held in the city of Sydney where several artists showcase their talent. People from around the world attend the event because of the innovative and breathtaking displays that are normally showcased.

More Information on The World’s Best Art Festivals

The above mentioned are just a couple of the most loved Art Festivals in the world today. In order for you to learn more about these and many other festivals, simply use the Internet because the organizers of the events normally share more details through it.

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