Top Ten Female Rockers

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Rockers are not just men who rock the show. Women have come along to show the music industry that they too can rock out a show. Female rockers have become the best rockers of all time. There isn’t just one to choose from, but females have been known to be one of a kind rock star. Who makes the top ten list?

JANIS JOPLIN. Her legacy has a singer and songwriter has been influential to all rockers of the 1960’s. In those years, the male species out ruled the females who tried to be rockers. Believe it or not, Janis Joplin had her own and made it big. Not only was her career as a solo artist big, but she also performed with the Big Brothers band. This woman had an amazing talent. She will be forever missed. She is top on the list of female rockers.

JOAN JETT. Joan is most famous for her song, “I love Rock and Roll.” She isn’t just a rocker, she is an actress. You can find Joan Jett on many episodes such as “Law and Order: Criminal Intent, The Roseanne Show, and so much more.

STEVIE NICKS. You can find this remarkable singer with Fleetwood Mac band. She gives rocking a new name and meaning. This woman has created many beautiful rock ballads with Fleetwood Mac. The band and Stevie is going strong. Since the 1970’s Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks has been producing hits that keep rocking in our hearts. A few of their songs can be found on several different shows such as “Friends, Charmed, Jack Frost and The school of Rock.”

MIA ZAPATA. This young woman lost her life before her and her band, “The Gits,” became famous for their raw emotion music. Punk rock music was her passion and they were going many places. Mia was brutally murdered, she died young. Her beautiful rock and roll music will never be forgotten. She continues to live on in the music and in her fans.

ALANIS MORISSETTE. Her lyrics has hit a raw emotion with those who enjoy listening to her music. Her album, “Jagged little pill,” earned her four Grammies. She has come along way through the years and has proven it over and over again that she can be an outstanding rocker in the industry. Alanis is still producing hits for example; “Hand in my pocket, You Outta Know, and Jagged little pill.”

BONNIE RAITT. This woman has produced numerous tracks throughout the years. She is more than just a rocker, she is a blues and country singer who has sold over a thousand albums. A famous track of hers is “Something to talk about.” In the beginning of her career, it took a few years before she reached “stardom.” Even at her age, she is still producing great music and gaining more and more love and respect for her music.

COURTNEY LOVE. She was once married to Kurt Cobain, a great rocker of his time. Her music is one of a kind. She is the lead singer for the band, “Hole.” She has gone through so many tragedies in her life. Before her band, “Hole,” was formed, Courtney Love was kicked out of several different bands due to different reasons. Despite all the tragedies in her life, she continues to go on with life with strength and courage.

AVRIL LAVIGNE. This rock star knows exactly what she wants in the industry, and she doesn’t stop till she becomes successful in what she does. The song, “Girlfriend,” has put her over the top. Avril is on top of world with her music and she is here to stay. Not only does she produce grand music, she has a wide collection of merchandise for fans to purchase. This rock star is involved in so many wonderful charities and benefits to help out those who are in need.

MEREDITH BROOKS. Wow, what an incredible rock star. “Bitch,” gave her starting career in the business. Since 1997, she has produced seven successful albums. Each time she produces a new hit song, or album, the more fans enjoy her as an artist and as a woman.

FIONA APPLE. A woman of her many talents knows how to rock a show. In 1994, was her big break. She was signed a record deal with Sony, a major recording label. Fiona isn’t the only one in her family with musical talents. In the Apple tree legacy, there are actresses, singers, and dancers. Her music inspirations come from life events as well as poetry.

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